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critical competencies: (green) economics

Posted by thoughtnotstatic on 25 February 2008

Tom Prugh of the Worldwatch Institute has contributed a gem of a blog over at WorldChanging, touching on 7 “reforms that would make economics truer, greener, and more sustainable.” These are a part of the first chapter of the Worldwatch Institute’s “State of the World 2008: Innovations for a Sustainable Economy”.

Economics is one of many fields that, I believe, needs not only new thinking such as Prugh displays, but needs to be far more integral to curriculum from an early age. While I often hear how much the typical US primary education lacks in maths and sciences (to which I agree), it is not near so often that economics gets mentioned. I applaud the work that Prugh and his colleagues at Worldwatch are doing. It is incredibly important. Check it out.

The 7 reforms mentioned (and elaborated upon) in the article are:

1) Scale
2) Stress development over growth
3) Make prices tell the ecological truth
4) Account for nature’s services
5) The precautionary principle
6) Commons management
7) Value women


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