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#1-derful day of the year

Posted by thoughtnotstatic on 7 April 2008

April 7, 2008 is an early favorite for Day of the Year:

We celebrated Owen Augustus’ 1st birthday. My first son’s first trip around the sun is complete – and what a trip it was! Nothing can possibly prepare a would-be parent for the thrills, challenges, learnings, emotions, affections, infections, deprivations, joys and wonders that come over the course of the first 365 (or, in this case, 366) days of a human life outside the womb.

The icing on the (cup) cake: Owen shares a birthday, with his mom! Now that, my friends, is the epitome of a ‘priceless’ gift.

Elisa (thirty-something) and Owen Augustus (one) share a birthday,
but they each get their own cupcake.

AND, as if that wasn’t enough to make it a super special day, my Kansas Jayhawks brought home the National Championship! It was their first title in 20 years – at which time I was in the second semester of my junior year in Lawrence. This year’s championship was one of the most exciting games in history, as Kansas guard Mario Chalmers sank a 3-point shot to tie it up at the end of regulation, capping off a furious comeback from 9 points down with 2 minutes to go and sending the game into overtime. KU took the momentum into the extra period, quickly opened a 6-point lead and never looked back. ROCK CHALK!

KU’s Mario Chalmers nails a game-tying 3-point shot at the end of regulation
of the Nation Championship game. The Jayhawks went on to win in overtime,
claiming their first national title in 20 years.


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