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the essence of music faciliation

Posted by thoughtnotstatic on 28 March 2008

For anyone interested in Music Faciliation, I highly recommend listening to Salle Des Departs, a 10 minute podcast from the good folks at Radiolab:

Imagine that you’re a composer. Imagine getting this commission: “Please write us a song that will allow family members to face the death of a loved one…” Well, composer David Lang had to do just that when a hospital in Garches, France, asked him to write music for their morgue, or “Salle Des Departs.” 


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the miXed taPe to be iced

Posted by thoughtnotstatic on 20 February 2008

the miXed taPeWell, after two years on the air, I’ve decided to put The miXed taPe aside indefinitely. Simply a matter of too much else competing for my time, and not wanting to squat on a stale station.

My final playlist (published below) will be in rotation through March. I’ve burned a few discs of this playlist, as well as a couple others.miXed taPe iMix Drop me a line if you’d like a copy. A partial playlist (of all songs in the iTunes inventory) is also available as an iMix.

I’ll continue to create mixes upon request. I’ve been told they make great gifts.

Without further adieu, here’s the final list…

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